Southbrook Cabinetry | We create Laundry Rooms that keep you Organized
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We create Laundry Rooms that keep you Organized

Laundry Rooms fit for Today’s Standards

These days, life is busier than ever. A customized laundry room can help improve your efficiency and save plenty of time.

Design Ideas

You can do a lot with your laundry room. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Storage Cabinets
  • Counter Space
  • Ironing Station
  • Hidden/Extendible Drying Racks
  • Recreational Sink Station
  • Pet Bath
  • Clothes Sorting Station
  • Built-in Laundry Baskets
  • Cleaning Supply Rack
  • Garbage Station
  • Laundry Chute
  • Muddy Shoe Station

Gain more space

With cabinetry, you will gain a lot of space that is typically wasted. Spacious counters will provide all the surface area you need to work with your laundry, whether your load is going into the wash or coming out of the dryer. Cabinets will provide ample room to store everything you could possibly ever need. Instead of having to store items in closets or the garage, you will have everything organized in once space. And you won’t have to worry about laundry baskets piling up all over the floor. Cabinetry and good design will take care of all these common issues.

Create a laundry room that works for you

Whether it is cabinetry that you need for storage, a place to hang clothes for drying, or simply more counter space to work with, our design team will provide you with everything you need. And like every other project we undertake, we will take care of everything, from the design stage to the final touches.

Transform your laundry room

Setup a time for us to come out to your home and we will have a look at your laundry room and advise of all the options that are available for your project. You’ll be surprised just how efficient that little room that houses your washer and dryer can actually be! Our consultations are always free of charge so call us anytime.